Joint exercise of powers by political subdivisions

Commonwealth of Virginia

Any power, privilege or authority exercised or capable of exercise by any political subdivision of this Commonwealth may be exercised and enjoyed jointly with any other political subdivision of this Commonwealth having a similar power, privilege or authority except where an express statutory procedure is otherwise provided for the joint exercise.



Any two or more political subdivisions may enter into agreements with one another for joint action pursuant to the provisions of this section. The participating political subdivisions shall approve such agreement before the agreement may enter into force. Localities shall approve such agreements by ordinance. Other political subdivisions shall approve such agreements by resolution.


1. Its duration.

2. Its purpose or purposes.

3. The manner of financing the joint undertaking and of establishing and maintaining a budget therefor.

4. The permissible method or methods to be employed in accomplishing the partial or complete termination of the agreement and for disposing of property upon such partial or complete termination. 

5. All other necessary and proper matters.


The agreement, in addition to the items enumerated in subsection C hereof, may contain the following:

1. Provision for an administrator or a joint board responsible for administering the undertaking. The precise organization, composition, term, powers and duties of any administrator or joint board shall be specified.

2. The manner of acquiring, holding (including how title to such property shall be held) and disposing of real and personal property used in the undertaking. 

3. How issues of liability will be dealt with and the types, amounts and coverages of insurance.


No agreement made pursuant to this section shall relieve any political subdivision of any obligation or responsibility imposed upon it by law except that to the extent of actual and timely performance thereof by an administrator or joint board created by an agreement made hereunder, such performance may be offered in satisfaction of the obligation or responsibility.



Any political subdivision entering into an agreement pursuant to this section may appropriate funds and may sell, lease, give, or otherwise supply the administrator or joint board created to operate the undertaking with such property, personnel or services therefor as may be within its legal power to furnish.

Any power, privilege or authority exercised or capable of exercise by any political subdivision of this Commonwealth may be exercised and enjoyed jointly with any political subdivision of any other state or the District of Columbia subject to the provisions of subsections A, B, C, D, E and F above, which shall apply mutatis mutandis..

Joint Exercise Initiative

Cooperative Purchasing Solutions

Procurement Innovation

The National Minroity Technology Council Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (CPA) is designed to help our Public Sector members fulfill thier purchasing needs while making the buying process more efficient. Vendor agreements will result from formal bids or negotiated contracts. 

By partnering with reputable vendors and combining the purchasing power of a service cooperative our members can receive a wide variety of high quality strategic products and services with excellent volume discounts. Our vendor governance process is designed to help save members time and money in thier procurement process.

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Access to Affordable High Speed Internet 

Broadband Benefits:

• Broadband enables greater civic participation, provides tools for open government and streamlines government processes.

• Broadband enables changes in how we access educational resources, collaborate in the educational process, conduct research and continue to learn anytime, anyplace and at any pace.

• Broadband enables improved healthcare access, treatments and information.

• Broadband enables new business models, creates business efficiencies, drives job creation, and connects manufacturers and store-fronts to clients and partners worldwide.

• Broadband can also help bring communities together and improve public safety, create a greener planet, and make our transportation systems more resilient and efficient.

Over $8 Billion in Federal Investment already,  now is the time for communities of need to act!

Amidst this progress, clear challenges remain. According to 2012 Census data, published as part of NTIA’s Digital Nation series, more than 25 percent of American households do not subscribe to broadband at home.10 This “digital divide” is better understood as a series of digital divides based on geography, income and other demographics factors. Seniors, people with disabilities,11 those with less than a high school degree, and people with low income levels12 are among the groups with lower than average adoption rates – and therefore lower rates of access to the benefits associated with digital information and services.

13 File, Thom and Camille Ryan, “Computer and Internet Use in the United States: 2013,” November 2014, p. 6,

Challenges Remain

About The National Minority Technology Council

The core purpose of the National Minority Technology Council is to help its members become more profitable and successful. The Minority Technology Industry is a vibrant, fast growing and viable business segment. The Minority Technology Industry's combined annual revenue is estimated at over $100 Billion. Our belief is there is strength in numbers; when there is trust and collaboration.

Building Trusted Networks

Targeting Minority Procurement Goals:

A Sole Source Industry Partnership for Growth 

Contractor Team Arrangements

NMTC Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NMTC-CPA)

Building a Nation of Producers - NMTC USA

NMTCUSA provides our members with "single solution" approaches that programmatically increase the visibility and the competitive edge for Minority Technology Companies across the US. The new market capabilities born from the inductive ecosystem that trust and process unites will increase market share and allow both agency and a share in the rewards born from alliance partnerships

Governing Contractor Team Arrangements

In order to drive excellence and mitigate risk NMTC has focused on longitudinal applied research that maps he deal life cycle and creates new taxonomies for partners to establish and organize value chain relationships.

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